Norwich Road, Cardiff

Welcome to our virtual public consultation

This Pre-Application Consultation relates to the intention of WWYC Ltd to submit to the local planning authority (Cardiff Council) a full planning application for the erection of 15 employment units on land off Norwich Road, to the rear of 505 Newport Road, Cardiff.

The Proposed Development will consist of 15 employment units within Use Class B1 (light industry) and/or B2 (general industry) and/or B8 (storage and distribution). The units are positioned in two terraces with a total floorspace of 1,740 sqm Gross Internal Area. The proposals offer provision for car and cycle parking which will also cater for wheelchair users and electric vehicle charging and photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings. A new substation, Sustainable Drainage System and an area of soft landscaping adjacent to Roath Brook are also proposed.

Submitted documents

You are invited to view the draft planning application submission below and provide your comments on the proposals in advance of the formal planning submission:

  • Planning Application Forms
  • Existing Site Plan (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-00-DR-A-90002)
  • Proposed Site Plan (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-00-DR-A-90003)
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan Units 1-8 (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-00-DR-A-00001)
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan Units 9-15 (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-00-DR-A-00002)
  • Proposed Site Roof Plan (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-RF-DR-A-90004)
  • Proposed Elevations Units 1-8 (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-XX-DR-A-00200)
  • Proposed Elevations Units 9-15 (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-XX-DR-A-00201)
  • Typical Indicative Section (Reference: NPT-HMA-ZZ-XX-DR-A-00100)
  • Landscaping Plan (Reference: TDA.26.58.01)
  • Proposed External Lighting (Reference: NPT-HYD-XX-XX-DR-E-6001)
  • Planning Statement (CarneySweeney, December 2021)
  • Design and Access Statement (Holder Mathias Architects, December 2021)
  • Site Investigation Report (Cambria Consulting Ltd, December 2021)
  • Transport Statement (Cambria Consulting Ltd, December 2021)
  • Energy Strategy Technical Note (Hydrock, 26 October 2021)
  • Ecology Report (TetraTech, September 2021)
  • Flood Consequence Assessment/Drainage Report (Cambria Consulting Ltd, December 2021)
  • Landscape Specification Management Plan (TDA, December 2021

You are invited to provide any pre-application consultation response on the proposed development to us by 27th January 2022. Your response may be sent by post to us at the address below or by email to:

Carney Sweeney, Brunel House, 2 Fitzalan Road, Cardiff, CF24 0EB

Any personal information provided as part of this consultation will be managed in accordance with our privacy policy.