Anoopam Mission Spiritual Cultural Community

CarneySweeney appeared as expert planning witness on behalf of the Anoopam Mission Spiritual Cultural Community at the recent #HybridPlanningInquiry at Buckinghamshire Council's offices in Amersham.  The Planning Inspector's decision approved planning permission for this unique Hindu faith based #Crematorium in the #GreenBelt.  The Planning Inspector also awarded costs. 

The Planning Inquiry Team was led by Peter Goatley QC, aided by the future Planning Barrister star of Sioned Davies of No.5 Chambers. The wider Inquiry Team included Gerald SweeneySophie DruryKam Saini and Ciara Sweeney of CarneySweeney (Green Belt Assessment, Planning Evidence and Alternative Site Assessment); Peter Mitchell (Need – Constrained and Unconstrained) of Peter Mitchell Associates; David GrayKevin Smith and Eilidh McCallum of MCa (Architecture and Planning Agent); Wayne Oakes and Ivayla Dimitrov of Dice (Flood Risk Assessment and Exception Test); Chris Smith (Transport) of Exigo; David Singleton (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment) of DSA Environment + Design; Jade ChalmersNicky Stewart and James Liebetrau (Legal - Planning and Property - S106) of Howard Kennedy; and, Jethro Redmore (Air Quailty) of Redmore Environmental.