Social Value Policy

CarneySweeney is passionate about all things Town Planning.  As a business we can categorised as a provider of planning and development and related services inclusive of social, economic and environmental assessment to a wide range of clients, all within the UK. We are a leading independent town planning consultancy in the UK. Our team are trusted advisors with specialisms in delivering timely insight and advice that helps create great places for future generations. 

We recognise that as a business, we will have some impacts on the environment. As a sustainable business CarneySweeney is committed to minimising these impacts whenever possible. To this end, we are committed to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certification and proudly so are our staff. 

Looking to the future, we will look to quantify our carbon footprint and will then use that data to create a positively minded business strategy and policy to reduce that footprint. We are committed to a proactive approach that helps meet the current climate changes challenges.  We are looking at the possibility of being a net zero carbon business by 2030. 

In order to achieve our objectives, the company will introduce an Environmental Management System based upon our commitment to achieving ISO 14001. We see the immediate opportunity arising from our Social Value and our Corporate Responsibility Policies to play an active role in our local communities within which we live and work.  These Policies seek to maximise the environmental benefits to everyone and treat everyone with equal respect.  

CarneySweeney is committed to the following strategic objectives: 

- to comply with relevant environmental legislation and good practice from the RTPI and RICS

- to look to improvement in environmental performance

- to measure and monitor process regularly 

- to proudly publish our policies to staff, clients and through our website 

- to respectfully encourage others to work collaboratively towards reducing impacts of the environment.

We are excited about the prospect of the positive effect we might have. The following immediate objectives have been identified. 

CarneySweeney will:

  1. Support the use of public transport, cycling and walking both for commuting and travelling when at work to minimise the impact of CO2 emissions
  2. Look to minimise unnecessary travel and make best use of  efficient working practices to reduce energy consumption
  3. Seek to use our purchasing power to buy recycled materials first, look to minimise waste production, and prevent pollution wherever possible 
  4. Ask landlords to introduce energy efficiencies as part of our office occupation

We are all committed to undertaking an audit of CarneySweeney to identify and plan for improvements .

August 2023